Match 3 type games have been around for a long time, but basic game play remains the same. Looking for something different? Look no further, you’ve found it! “4 or More” – unique idea, innovate gameplay. Requires both strategy and luck. Sometimes it’s quite easy, while at other times you will have to plan several moves ahead. Perfect for anyone who loves puzzle games and looking for new gaming experience. It will keep you sliding and matching for hours on end.

* Over 100 free levels, more coming soon
* Variety of modes – play at your own pace, race against time, melt ice blocks, sink anchors
* Minimalistic, simple and elegant design
* Game Center achievements

Many months of sweat and fun. Up and down. Disappointment and excitement.


Are You Creative Genius?

Now let’s get creative! This game will challenge your creative mind. It is based on idea which is frequently used to measure and develop creativity. And creativity is fun!

The concept is simple: you have 3 seemingly unrelated words. Find a word which can be added before or after each of these words. For example: what word connects these three words – “iPad”, “golf” and “skirt”? The answer is “mini”: “iPad mini”, “mini golf” and “mini-skirt”.

The solutions do not follow rules of logic or problem solving and typically arise as flash of your creative mind. Just as one of those aha! moments.

Two modes – Main Mode and Genius Mode. Solve level in any mode in 20 seconds and get Genius Mode in the next level. Solve Genius Mode level in 20 seconds and win 5 coins.